#teamtrees LaMetric App

Update - Discontinuing the app

As #teamtrees have now reached their target and donations are slowing down, I will be discontinuing both the LaMetric app and API on the 12th of February, UTC. I'd love to keep them going indefinitely, but due to how fast I wanted to initially deploy the app, it's not really setup in a sustainable way, and fixing it now isn't really worth it. If you could uninstall the app from your LaMetric, it would be much appreciated so it's not trying to connect to my server anymore. Thanks for using my app, and your support of #teamtrees!

Thanks for downloading the (unofficial) #teamtrees LaMetric App!

In order to prevent my server or teamtrees.org being swamped by this app, the stats are cached on both my server and Cloudflare's Edge, which will lead to a delay from what's shown on teamtrees.org, however, the stats will be accurate to within 10-20 minutes.

Donate at teamtrees.org now!


To prevent spamming of teamtrees.org, I've made a very simple API endpoint for anyone to use in their own integrations. It adheres to the same caching as the LaMetric app, and so will be accurate to within 10-20 minutes. Access via https://tugzrida.xyz/teamtreeslametric/api.php

Malicious behaviour toward this api or any other part of my server or infrastructure will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.


The only personal information I'm able to see by you using this app is the IP address of your LaMetric, which is generally able to determine geographic location down to the about the nearest big city.

The server's logs rotate every two weeks, and so any logged IP addresses will be removed from the server within these 14 days, then retained in server backups for approximately a further two weeks.